Yoko Fu

Sales Associate to Faraz Peyman

After eight busy years of being a nurse in the Queensland and New South Wales private health sector, Yoko Fu decided to make a change and join Faraz Peyman’s team as a Sales Associate. Her previous career allowed her to develop strong communication skills, a keen ability for providing excellent client-oriented care and a talent for maintaining good client relationships, all of which she expertly utilises in her current role.

Yoko understands that selling a home is one of the most important events in someone’s life and is known for making the best interests of her vendors her priority. A qualified NATTI interpreter in Mandarin and English, she plays a fundamental role in ensuring Faraz is able to communicate to the broader multicultural community of Brisbane.

Yoko is also a qualified Pilates instructor and enjoys staying fit and healthy by partaking in Pilates herself, as well as by doing yoga. Despite being health conscious and enjoying cooking up deliciously healthy meals, she also loves creating beautiful cakes and cupcakes and sharing them with family and friends.