Peter Crowther


Principal, leader, mentor and sales coach, Peter has over 30 years of real estate sales experience and has successfully established one of the most dominant agencies in Brisbane and the number 1 office within the LJ Hooker network.

Peter's ideals are based on the universal laws of nature with the firm belief that humane interaction is critical in life and business.

Thank you and please remember real estate is the foundation of wealth and security, and hopefully a happy home.

  • 21 Club
    21 Club
  • Admiral Advisory Group
    Admiral Advisory Group

My Awards

  • Admiral Advisory Group - Jul 2017
  • Sir Leslie Hooker Award (Finalist) - May 2015
  • Annual International - World Champion Business Leader - May 2015
  • Sir Leslie Hooker Award - Aug 2011
  • 21 Club - Mar 2006