Jill Taylor

Head of Maintenance

Originally from the south side of Glasgow, Scotland, Jill came to LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills via the Superyacht Industry, which she worked in for over a decade as Chief Stewardess/Purser, traveling extensively in the Mediterranean, the Caribbean and along both coasts of the USA.

With three investment properties under her belt and a sound knowledge of real estate, Jill decided to make the leap to land for a new career in property management. Having a good eye for detail and the high standards necessary to excel within real estate, Jill has spent many successful years as a part of our team and has proven to be a valuable asset.

Jill currently oversees the maintenance team who assist landlords and tenants with repairs and renovations for over 1,600 rental properties.

What our customers say

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I appreciate all your help over the last four years; you took on any problems, so I had nothing to worry about.

Wayne, owner in Algester

Thank you very much, Jill. You have always been a pleasure to contact and work with. I hope your career continues to go from strength to strength.

James Collins, tenant in Algester

You have no idea how much it means dealing with you, and the peace of mind I’ve received from your care and patience. Thank you .

Priscilla, tenant

I just wanted to take a moment to give you some positive feedback regarding your services as property manager. I have been pleased with the pro-active approach that you have taken, suggesting possible rental returns, advertising with banner ads, photos and more, well before the tenants vacated. I had a look on RealEstate.com and it was nice to see our property come up at the top in my search. I have another property in Northgate, with a different agent on the north side of Brisbane. As it happens, tenants will also be vacating that property at the end of this month, but the agent has not been as pro-active as you in planning for a new tenant.

Graham Collins, landlord in Algester

I just wanted to take the time to let you know what a wonderful experience I have had renting a property though LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills, but also having the incredibly delightful Jill as my property manager. We came to LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills at a very difficult time in our lives personally, and we encountered Jill. From the minute communication commenced, she has been nothing but kind, approachable, and ever the consummate professional with a great sense of humour. Jill has always been willing and ready to assist, in fact, the whole team has; thank you. Renting can be challenging, but in this instance it has been a good experience. We have had to vacate the property recently as I have purchased a home, so I'll no longer have Jill as my property manager. We're often so quick to focus on the negative that sometimes we forget to acknowledge the positive. My rental experience has been ever-so-positive, so thank you to Jill and the team!!!

Erika Gutierrez, tenant in Sunnybank Hills

I’ve had the pleasure of being Jill’s customer for over a year and during this time I’ve always found her to be exceptional. She is always friendly, prompt, efficient, gets back to me when she says she will, is extremely informative and understanding. She is an absolute asset to the company and has made my experience with LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills an absolute pleasure.

Alexis Nee, Landlord

Once again you have shown professionalism in your work. I knew I could rely on you to help us out. Your word was good enough for me S you delivered 3 years ago. What I remember we of your service was that you were prompt and polite and you delivered. I do hope L J Hooker personnel are aware of your efficiencies and make sure they hold on to you and reward you accordingly. A staff's performance can shine a light for L J Hooker or, alternately, bring down its image. Your professionalism has enhanced your employers' image.

Jean, resident in Sunnybank Hills

My wife and I have been renting through LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills for about 3.5 years now and it has been a pleasant experience for us. Our agent Jill Taylor has always been helpful when we had any issues and have shown herself to be professional and caring during this whole time. I fully recommend them based on our personal experiences with them. Thank you.

Ben Khoo, tenant

I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation of what you have done and doing for my investment properties. Your services and concerns keeping my interest in mind have given me peace of mind and I do not have to worry about anything. After having the experience of trying many other property management businesses with very unprofessional service and incompetent staff who did not have experience, will, and concerns about the lessors which have caused me lots of stress and frustration, I am pleased that I transferred my properties to your office and appreciate your impeccable professionalism, friendliness, concerns, and all services that you have given me. I look forward to continuing our business relationship for a long time.

Mark Sayfi

The staff at LJ hooker Sunnybank Hills are always polite and courteous and deal with any problems that may arise with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Particularly Clare Simpson and Jill Taylor, who are always a quick phone call away if I have any issues or questions, which are always dealt with in a quick timely manner. LJ hooker has been the best agency I have rented a property from by far and I feel at ease knowing we will be looked after whilst renting from them. I wouldn't hesitate to rent from them again!


David and I have dealt with Jill for just over 3 years now. As our property manager, Jill regularly exceeded our expectations. She is extremely skilled in all aspects of property management and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to potential clients. Jill is very calm and measured in her approach with us as tenants making her a pleasure to deal with, she is also very efficient and understanding. I’ve had experience with many property managers over 8 years and without doubt I would rate her the best out of all them. I look forward to dealing with Jill again in the future.

Andrea Mason

Ninh and I wanted to say that we were both very happy with the way LJH Sunnybank Hills conducted affairs with us, especially happy with your own work. The whole renting experience was made much smoother than we'd expected because of that. I've been renting for a long time and I have to say that it was refreshing to find a fair, honest, candid and impartial estate agent. Unfortunately for the industry (but good for you), that's a rarity. Thanks! Thanks and all the best!

Carl and Ninh

I cannot praise Jill Taylor highly enough in words! Since I began planning my return to Qld from Darwin two years ago Jill s friendly voice and encouraging emails delivered such professional assistance our move interstate was easier then eg: changing suburbs, in my past rental experience! My expectation of location suitable for access to my daughters' university and my own requirements as a midwife to hospitals was perfect. We did have some disagreeable concerns with the owners reluctance to act on advice regarding a major sewerage issue- however Jill s advocasey on our behalf on this and other issues that we experienced with that particular owner, championed our rights as tenants for a safe home. I was so happy to continue with LJH and Jill to our current lease. Together with Claire as co-property management ( and all the other team members atSunnybank Hill), really makes the marketing jingle .."LJH your the best" sincerely rings true to my family!


In May 2016 we were introduced to property renting for the first time in our lives. We met with Jill Taylor, who was very helpful and explained the process in detail to us. We signed the lease for a six month period, not expecting to be there that long, let alone extending for another four months. During this time any issues were dealt with efficiently and promptly with Jill's help. Jill and all the front counter staff were always friendly, courteous and helpful with any queries we had.

Marilyn & John Bowen, tenants in Sunnybank Hills

Jill is a fantastic Property Investment Manager. She is consistently efficient, prompt, follows up, knowledgeable, informative, friendly, helpful, understanding and has your best interests as a customer at heart. I cannot express how grateful I am for her honest advice and how reliable she is.

Alex Nee

Jill Taylor has been my property manager for the past two years she has been most approachable for things I have needed to be relayed to the owner, and an advocate to keeping the property safe with maintenance. I have felt nothing but support from Jill in times of personal difficulty with my son in hospital. She has always be contactable which is rare in the real estate sector. It is with sadness that I moved out of her property area so she is no longer my property manager, but I wish her nothing but prosperity and happiness for the future.

Michelle Petman, tenant

In letting this unit and a couple of other properties over the past 14 years, you have been the most professional and communicative of any other property manager we have used.

Doug and Margo Klewin, landlords in Sunnybank Hills

I just wanted to pass on my thanks for the fantastic service that Jill Taylor provided to myself and Andrew throughout the process of us breaking our lease in the busy time of us buying our first home. I couldn't thank Jill enough for the support and communication she provided throughout the entire process and I would 100% recommend her to anyone looking for an agent. Many thanks again to Jill and the staff at LJ Hooker Sunnybank Hills!

Leyu Fentie, tenant in Calamvale

This is just a quick note to say how happy we were with Jill Taylor as our Property Manager. We were, until recently, long-term tenants in a property and Jill was our Property Manager for several years. We found Jill to be very professional and approachable; any issues we had were resolved quickly and the lines of communication were always open. Having rented for close to 15 years before finally buying our own home, we have had experiences with many property managers; I am pleased to say that Jill was certainly one of the best.

Cate, tenant in Sunnybank Hills

I just wanted to send a quick thankyou to Jill Taylor for managing our property in Calamvale in such a professional way. The recent re-letting experience was a breeze, and almost seamless. We have had this property managed by LJ Hooker since 2011 and I have to say that Jill is by far the best property manager with. Simply put, I feel that our rental property is in auto-pilot mode. Well done Jill and team.

Ruopeng and Jiemei Lu, landlords in Calamvale

We have owned a unit in Sunnybank Hills since the development was built in 2003, with LJ Hooker the appointed property manager. Throughout the years we’ve had several property managers, but can honestly say Jill Taylor has been the best property manager we have had, and we have been so impressed with her professionalism, her genuine care for her owners and tenants and the ‘extra mile’ she has always gone. There have been many instances where Jill has gone well outside of the property management job description. We live several hours away from the property but were kept well informed at all times of any concerns. We have no hesitation at recommending Jill to any prospective investors looking for a property manager and would be more than happy to discuss our experience. As we are now selling our Sunnybank Hills property we thank Jill for her assistance over the years and wish her the very best in her future endeavours both professional and personally.

Shane and Aliesha Christensen, landlords in Sunnybank Hills

I have been in this house for three years and it was a pleasure that Jill Taylor was our agent. Jill was a very good agent to talk with and she solved all problems in time. She is very friendly and helpful. All of my requests for maintenance were promptly actioned and were dealt with in a very professional manner. Thanks Jill, I really appreciate the positive experience I had at the unit.

Hiral Shah, tenant in Sunnybank Hills

Jill has been our property manager for a couple of years now and she is always very friendly and very professional. She is very efficient in her work, and maintenance issues are always dealt with in a timely manner. Jill is very approachable and always communicates clearly. We are so pleased to have her as our property manager.

Cate Boleyn, tenant

We rent a property through your office and since meeting, Jill has impressed me with her professionalism, general business attitude, and work ethic. Since meeting Jill, simple things stood out with me. I’ve found her very attentive; a good listener, prompt with returning calls and emails, and possess a level-headed attitude when discussing property matters. I think Jill possesses good people and business skills as I continually find her pleasant in discussion as well as fair and reasonable, sometimes a rare commodity in business, especially for the pressure that property management brings. Jill is an easy person to approach and I think you should know the quality of character she is to your firm. If I was hiring a person for a customer service or a management role, Jill would certainly be a serious contender. I just wanted to let you know as sometimes good work can go unnoticed. Again, I regard Jill a great asset to your business and I would gladly offer my reference for her any time should she ever require it.

Steve Bolack

We have had the pleasure of having LJ Hooker manage our property for more than 10 years. During this time, we have had a very satisfactory service, and in particular in more recent times, been especially satisfied with our new manager Jill Taylor. Jill is very dedicated, prompt and professional and we would appreciate if Jill could continue to manage our property if possible. Best wishes for your new team.

Carol Thackray

Just a few words on my experiences having Jill Taylor look after my property at Sunnybank Hills, Jill is very efficient and I was most impressed regarding the professional way in which she conducted herself especially when I used to attend the inspections at the property and saw how well she handled herself no matter what sort of problem confronted her. When asked to rectify a problem at the property she responded quickly and efficiently and constantly updated me with the progress. I would strongly recommend Jill to any one that is looking for a "worry free" time with their investment property and I must say that I was impressed by her approach to a problem of any sort. Thanks a lot for your help Jill, you are great at your job.

Maggie Rose, Landlord